Versatile Loropetalum shows off flowers and foliage

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Some shrubs are planted for their pretty leaves, while some are planted for their showy flowers. Loropetalum, also known as Chinese Fringe flower, is planted for both, and can be a very versatile plant for many situations.

Loropetalum are mostly evergreen shrubs. They appreciate more sun than shade, and while they are not too picky about fertilizers, they do not like wet feet, especially in the winter.

Many varieties have small, maroon leaves that will contrast with green leaf shrubs, Many varieties have small maroon leaves that will contrast with your other green leaf shrubs. Loropetalum will feature small, fringe-like flowers in the spring in pink, ruby red, or white, and their leaves can be maroon or green.

Not all Loropetalum are equal; the biggest difference between varieties is size. Shorter varieties, such as Crimson Fire and Purple Daydream, can be expected to grow less than three to four feet tall. If you want your shrub to be a hedge or small screen, consider planting Purple or Red Diamond varieties as they can reach around five to six feet tall and wide. If you’re looking for something much larger, there are even varieties that can get 10 to 12 feet tall or more.

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