Using Pots & Baskets to Spread Color Throughout Your Garden

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If your goal is to spread out colors throughout your garden, the use of pots or baskets is very important. It allows you to be versatile about where you put the color in your garden. Of course you want to choose a pot or a basket that’s big enough to hold the plant material you want to put in there. It's best to start with a good, light-weight potting soil that allows the water to get in the pot and also out of the pot and go dry in between waterings.

In choosing the plants for your baskets, the ability of the flowers to fill as well as spill is going to be important to consider. For example, if you choose to use Supertunia in your basket you need to know that different varieties grow differently. The coral pink flower, called Bermuda Beach, is a very vigorous and big filling plant. However,  a purple flower called Indigo Charm will grow and hang over the basket, nearly reaching the ground. There are many other choices depending on if you have sun or shade. You can also experiment with using contrasting colors as well as texture. For example, you could pair a Blue Lobeila, which has a small leaf with a tiny, bright blue flower, with the Supertunias which have a large leaf and large flowers. Whichever plants you decide to use, you'll want to make sure: your pot is large enough to fit them; you use good, loose potting soil; and you'll want to add fertilizer weekly. Follow these steps and you can create a great movable garden.

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