Types of weeds and how to treat them

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When you’ve worked hard to build a beautiful landscape along your property, there’s nothing like a beautiful lawn to finish it out. But weeds can take away from the beauty you’ve spent so much time working to create. Several common weeds found in the area include broad leaf weeds, like clover and Virginia Button Weed, as well as grass weeds, like Crab Grass. While all types of weeds are inconvenient, they are actually all very different and need to be treated differently.

The Virginia Button Weed is a perennial weed. It needs to be dealt with regularly until it goes away. The Crab Grass, on the other hand, is an annual weed. It comes up from a seed every year. The best control for Crab Grass and other annual weeds is not to spray it, but to actually prevent it each spring so it doesn’t have a chance to grow. Timing is important when using a pre-emergent weed killer. September is just around the corner, and that is the best time to apply that pre-emergent treatment. If you’ve identified your weed as a perennial weed, the use of a post emergent weed killer is your best route.

With any lawn, the healthier the grass, the fewer weeds you’ll see. When the grass is thicker and shades the ground then it will do a better job of helping you keep the weeds away.



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