Tubular flowers are best for attracting hummingbirds

Garden Tips

Hummingbird feeders with sugar and water can attract hummingbirds but need to be cleaned and maintained regularly, so why not use living plants that can do the same, if not better. Now that it is early summer, flowers are starting to bloom that would attract hummingbirds.

Red flowers are often thought to attract hummingbirds the most. However, many others will do a magnificent job as well. Hummingbirds prefer a long tubular shape bloom. Annuals like Angelonia, Petunia, and Lantana all come in many colors with plenty of nectar. Perennials such as Beebalm, Penstemon, Cardinal Flower, and Salvia grow best in sunny locations. However, if you have shade, Hostas and Inpatients have the tubular flowers that hummingbirds desire.

There are also permanent shrubs that can attract hummingbirds. Butterfly Bush not only attracts butterflies, but hummingbirds will flock to this plant as well. Finally, consider planting a diverse group of shrubs, perennials, and annuals, and try to have flowers off and on throughout the season; this will not only make your garden beautiful, but the hummingbirds will appreciate it as well.

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