Transforming green landscaping color palettes

Garden Tips

Shrubs with yellow or golden foliage might be the pop of color you need in your landscaping palette.

There is a variety of choices for sun and others for shade. If your landscape is mostly sun you may want to consider Sunshine Ligustrum, Kaleidoscope Abelia, or Golden Spirea. These shrubs need plenty of sunlight to keep their golden color. If there isn’t enough sunlight, their foliage will revert to light green.

However, if you have a more shaded location, Golden Leaf Anise such as Banana Peel or Florida Sunshine have chartreuse to yellow leaves all year round. Another shade-loving plant is the Gold Dust Aucuba, which has yellow speckles and splashes to its leaves.

A little bit of yellow can go a long way, and planting golden and maroon plants next to one another creates a great contrast and can brighten any dark corner. Although, too much yellow may be distracting to the eye.

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