Torch Lilies bloom in summer and attract pollinators to your garden

Garden Tips

If you’re putting together some summer blooming perennials to attract pollinators in your garden, choose flowers that are different in texture and color that work together in spite of their differences. One flower you might consider adding is Torch Lily.

Botanically named Kniphofia, it’s commonly known as Torch Lily Poker Plant, or Red Hot Poker. It’s used for its vertical shape, with upright, grassy foliage and egg-shaped blooms on tall spikes.

Kniphofia prefers full sun and well drained soil. Partial shade is fine, but it will have fewer blooms than if it were in full sun.

Typically you can expect these Red Pokers to be blooming by mid summer; if you remove the spent flowers regularly, you will encourage more blooms for late summer.

Most Torch Lilies bloom in shades of red, orange, or yellow, and have heights ranging from 30 inches to 6 feet.

You usually won’t see insect or disease problems on these plants, and they’re resistant to rabbits and deer, but they will attract pollinators, like butterflies and especially hummingbirds. So why not try some in your garden today?

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