Tips to help your Fiddle Leaf Figs thrive

Garden Tips
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Indoor plants have become popular again, and the “it” plant has been the Fiddle Leaf Fig. If you want to grow one of these figs, you’ll need to know a few secrets.

First, understand what this plant is and where it comes from. Fiddle Leaf fig is botanically ficus lyrata and is native to western Africa and the tropical rain forest. The large fiddle shaped leaves give it it’s common name.

It wants to grow in a warm climate, no colder than around 50 degrees. It does want bright, indirect light, but does not need full sunshine.

Fiddle leaf need moisture but do not want to be in wet all the time, so good drainage is a must. When watering, do a good job but then let the water drain, and only water again when the soil begins to dry.

If it is unhappy, the leaves will turn brown or black and begin to fall, so the trickiest part is to maintain the high humidity that they love. In our homes we have pretty dry air; fiddle leaf will either need a humidifier or at least a regular misting on the leaves to keep a good moisture level.

Fiddle Leaf Fig do get large, so make sure your place has plenty of light as well as plenty of room. But don’t worry if you have to cut it back, this fig will grow back from wherever you prune it. 

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