Thyme is not only great for cooking but can also serve as a ground cover for your garden

Garden Tips

A perennial ground cover can make any open space in your garden more desirable than looking at plain old mulch. Creeping Thyme may be just the ticket with its dainty flowers and fragrant foliage. Surely we’re all familiar with the culinary Thyme to cook with, but there are many more for ground cover. All Thyme prefers full sun to part shade and is best to plant in we-drained soil. However, they are not picky about fertilizer, or soil amendment, as long as they don’t get overwatered. Consider using sand or gravel to ensure they don’t stay too wet.

Thyme comes in different varieties, and each type will show some diversity in leaf size, flower, or texture. Elfin Thyme is slow-growing and is great for rocks and crevices, Caraway Thyme is a vigorous grower for large areas, Wooly Thyme has gray-fuzzy leaves, and Doone Valley Thyme has patches of green and gold leaves. Even though you’re using this Thyme for ground cover, it can be eaten, just like the culinary types. So, why not experiment to see which tastes best in your teas or cooking?

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