The Impatiens flower has been the go-to plant for shady gardens for decades. They have continuous flowers all summer long without much need for anything beyond water and fertilizer. However, Impatiens might not work if you have sunshine, but Sunpatiens will.

Sunpatiens have large flowers and beefier foliage than old-fashioned Impatiens. They are bred to withstand sun, heat, and humidity. There are two different categories of Impatiens varieties; one is called compact and the other vigorous. Obviously, the compact is small, and the vigorous is taller. In our area, you will find mostly the compact variety in several colors, ranging from pinks, red, orange, purple, and white. Even though they are called compact, these Sunpatiens grow rounder than the shade varieties. Therefore, you won’t need as many plants to fill your space. You can expect each plant to grow from 16 to 24 inches tall and wide.

The final plug for why you may want a Sunpatien, old-fashioned Impatiens may fall victim to a downy mildew disease, but Sunpatiens have been bred to be resistant to the disease. Other than regular watering, Sunpatiens don’t need much other maintenance. They don’t need a lot of fertilizer, and they don’t need to be dead-headed in order to continue blooming. They will bloom from the Spring almost to frost.

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