Sun Patiens offer versatility for your garden

Garden Tips

Impatiens are common flowers to plant in a shady garden, but if you have a sunny garden, they may not thrive. But Sun Impatiens are a breed of New Guinea Impatiens that are quite different in that they can tolerate full sun.

Sun Patiens have thicker petals and more bulb foliage than regular Impatiens, and are built to withstand high heat and humidity, and to resist disease as well.

There are 3 groups of Sun Patiens ranging from spreading to compact to vigorous, which is the tallest. Sun Patiens will also grow larger than common Impatiens, so plan on using fewer plants to fill your space.

Aside from regular watering, Sun Patiens are almost maintenance free. They don’t need much fertilizer, they don’t need their old flowers removed to make room for new flowers to form, and even though they are called Sun Patiens and can grow in the sun, they can also grow in the shade.

The versatility of Sun Patiens and their low maintenance care make them a must-have for your garden.

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