Sun-loving Lantana brings pollinators to your garden

Garden Tips

Pollinators like bees and butterflies are important for plant reproduction. One way to keep these pollinators happy is to attract and feed them. Lantana is a sun-loving, warm weather plant that’s great for attracting these pollinators.

Lantana should be planted in a place where they’ll get six or more hours of sun to keep them blooming all summer. These plants would be happy in pots or planted in the ground, and aren’t too picky about soil, as long as they do not go dry. They don’t require much fertilizer either.

There are several varieties of Lantana. Some are trailing, some our mounting, and others can grow quite tall. They are known for their multi-colored flowers showcasing shades of pink, red, purple, yellow, and even white.

Most Lantana are annuals and they’ll need to be re-planted every year, but one variety, called Miss Huff, is hardy enough to come back next year. So find some Lantana to try in your sunny garden. The bees and butterflies will thank you.

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