Successfully grow a fig tree in your yard

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Do you have plenty of room in your sunny yard and want an easy to grow fruit? Try fig! Here are some tips on how to successfully grow a fig tree in your yard.

Figs require full sun and warm weather to thrive, so make sure you have a large, sunny area where you can plant.

In other parts of the world, some figs will grow to be 50 feet tall, but around here in north Alabama, figs are more likely to reach about 15 feet tall and wide. When you first plant your fig, it may look small, but remember it could grow very large, so make sure it has plenty of room. Figs need soil that is loose and well drained, with enough room to expand their roots.

Occasionally, cold winters will kill some or all of the branches above ground. If this happens, cut the fig down to the ground and let it re-grow from the root. Even if you do this, you can still expect fruit, as figs can produce on new growth as well as old.

There are many varieties of fig that can grown in north Alabama. Most popular are brown turkey with its medium to large fruit, and celeste with its small to medium sized fruit. Most figs ripen from mid to late summer, and should be left to ripen on the tree, then harvested and eaten within a couple days. Enjoy!

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