Start planning to plant your spring flower bulbs

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It’s time to start talking about daffodils, tulips, and hyfins.  If you want to have these spring bulbs popping up in your garden in the spring, you need to plan a few months ahead.

Most fall planted bulbs, like tulips and daffodils, are grown in Holland and shipped to the U.S. in late summer.  By October they will have arrived at your local nursery, giving you the best selection of colors and varieties from which to choose.

Don’t plant your bulbs immediately after purchasing, though.  Store them in a cook, dark, dry place, and wait to plant until around Thanksgiving.  Waiting until then will allow your bulbs to take the next twelve to sixteen weeks to grow roots in the cool ground, and then they’ll be ready to emerge with their beautiful foliage and flowers as Spring arrives.


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