Snow Princess Alyssum is great for filling and spilling pots or hanging baskets

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If you are looking for a plant that is a big thriller, fat filler, and long spiller for your summer annuals and pots or hanging baskets, then Snow Princess Alyssum or also know as Lobularia can take care of two of these options. Snow Princess Alyssum can be both a filler and a spiller. The first thing to notice about them is their soft texture and fragrant flowers, but don’t be fooled by the delicate look; they are vigorous growers.

Lobularia can tolerate the cool temperatures of spring and fall, as well as the heat in summer, but don’t let them dry out during the dry season. These flowers will continue to bloom and deadheading of the spent flowers isn’t necessary. If the flowers ever get too long or full, it is okay to trim them with a boost of liquid fertilizer, and in a couple of weeks of growth, they will be back in full bloom.

When companion planting, consider planting Snow Princess with other vigorous growing varieties, like Supertunias and Superbenas. However, if you like Snow Princess and don’t want it to be quite as vigorous, there are other varieties like White Knight and Dark Knight that don’t grow as robust.

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