Ruellia loves Alabama’s hot, humid summer weather

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Summer is great, but the heat and humidity of our summers in the south is not for everyone, or every flower.  But Ruellia, also known as Mexican Petunia, loves hot, humid weather.

Plant Ruellia somewhere where it can get part or full sun in the garden.  It can tolerate more moisture than most plants, even thriving where drainage is poor.

The most popular color of Mexican petunia is purple, but some varieties can bloom white or pink.  It can grow three feet tall or more, so it makes a good background flower or one for a slender area.  It’s also a good attractor for pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Ruellia can be a tender perennial in our area, so it may come back next year.  If it does, give it some room because its clump is definitely going to get larger.

So if the heat and humidity of the summer get you down, this may be the perfect plant to pick you up.


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