Ready to get back in the garden? Here’s what you can start planting now

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Spring is on it’s way, and if you like gardening, you’re probably eager to get back in the yard.  But during this time North Alabama still has temperature fluctuations that may bring in cold weather that’s risky to some plants.  So what’s safe to plant now, and what needs to wait until warmer weather comes in?

Permanent landscape plants, like shrubs and trees, should be fine to plant now.  You can also get your cool season vegetables started.  Try lettuces, greens, broccoli, and cauliflower.  Hardy perennials are also fine to plant now, but if they have tender foliage, they might still need some protective covering if we get a frost.

If you’re eager to plant your summer flowers, like Begonias, Impatients, and Geraniums, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.  These summer flowers and summer vegetables, like tomatoes and peppers, will need to wait until warmer temperatures arrive.  And if you plan on ferns and colorful baskets, you’ll want to wait until later in April for those, too.

The almanac says our last frost date is usually between April 10 and April 15, so we have a few weeks to go until we’re clear of colder weather.  But if you’ve got spring fever and are itching to get out to the garden on our nice days, there’s always something you can plant now.


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