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Do you have hydrangeas in your garden? Are you getting ready to to reset your landscape for this year?

It is important to note which types of hydrangeas need pruning because it can make all the difference in whether they will flower or not. Hydrangeas come in many different varieties, and some do not need pruning in the spring. For Oakleaf hydrangeas to flower, they need stems from last year, as well as French and Big Leaf hydrangeas that often bloom pink and blue flowers. For these varieties of hydrangeas to flower, do not prune until they bloom this spring.

However, if you have summer-blooming hydrangeas that bloom white flowers in late July, it is more than okay to prune the stems. Summer-blooming hydrangeas bloom flowers on new growth and can be pruned almost to the ground before new leaves emerge. If you are uncertain of the variety of hydrangea you have, it is better to not prune to ensure flowers bloom, but it is safe to nip off the old flowers from the year before.

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