Pruning can take your plants to the next level

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Sunshine, fertilizer, and water are the only things you need to grow beautiful seasonal, annual, and perennial flowers, but with a little pruning here and there, you can take your flowers from good to great. Here's a look at how deadheading and trimming can make a difference in your plants.

As flowers finish blooming, some varieties hold their old flowers on the plant while seeds may mature in the old flower bud. By leaving the old bloom, energy is used to make those seeds. If you deadhead by simply removing the old flower, you can redirect that energy into new growth and fresh blooms instead. You can use this process on roses and geraniums.

Some plants shed their old flowers and don't need deadheading, but their stems and branches may become too long, making the plant look tired and overgrown. If that happens, pinch off or cut the long branches, encouraging new growth to start again and fill your plant with beautiful new blooms.

Maintaining your flowers with good pruning habits can take your plants to the next level with beautiful, fresh flowers.

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