Plant these late-summer bloomers to attract hummingbirds this fall

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School has started which means fall is just around the corner.  As we move towards autumn, some of your flowers may have begun to fade, including those you planted to attract hummingbirds.  For the next several weeks, hummingbirds will need and appreciate nectar before they migrate south.  Here are some hummingbird-attracting flowers that bloom late in the summer that can help bring these birds to your garden this fall.

Supertunias and Superbells bloom in the summer and most are day-length neutrals, so they will bloom later in the season even as days get shorter.

For perennial color, plant Agastache, also called Hummingbird Mint.  It blooms profuse in late summer and has a fragrant foliage that smells like mint.

Another great perennial for hummingbirds is the garden variety of Phlox.  They are tall growing and start blooming first of summer through to the fall.

One last perennial you can plant is called Monarda or Bee Balm.  It comes in different colors and can bloom off and on until fall.

If you'd like to bring some hummingbirds around in the next few weeks, give them some annual or perennial plants for nectar late this season.


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