Each week we talk about plants and their beautiful flowers and their ability to attract pollinators, and most of the time, the plants highlighted are for full sun. However, some perennials are great for shade.

The most popular shade perennial would be the Hosta, grown for its bold foliage. This clumping perennial has leaves that range in color from green, blue-greens, and gold variations. They also flower with either white or lavender blends. Another shade perennial is Heuchera and is grown for its foliage color. Heuchera comes in maroon, copper, green, and gold and doesn’t typically require much care. However, they are not tolerant of heavy clay.

Next are ferns, and everyone knows about ferns, but different varieties can offer contrast in texture and range from dainty to bold and grow up to different heights. Now, if shade is your game, then Helleborus or Lenten Rose needs to be the player. Lenton Rose’s evergreen appreciates dry shade and blooms for two to three months and is not eaten by deer.

Shade perennials do flower, but most are used for their colored foliage or texture. You can read a lot on the internet or in books but would advise seeing these perennials used in real life, that way you can decide what is good for you.

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