Perennial Hardy Hibiscus brings full blooms to your sunny garden

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If you’re looking for a magnificent perennial that will bring large, vibrant blooms to your sunny garden, consider planting Hardy Hibiscus.

Sometimes called Swamp Rose or Rose Mallow, Hardy Hibiscus is a native perennial that thrives in full sun, though it can tolerate part shade as well.

The beautiful blooms can come in different colors, like white, pink, and dark red, and some even bring different colored leaves.

This Hibiscus really takes off as the summer heat kicks in, so it may need extra water. Don’t be afraid of over-watering; this plant can handle it.

With this perennial, all of the top growth will die each winter with new growth beginning at ground level once the soil warms in May.

Once established, Hardy Hibiscus will consistently come back each year with its large, dinner-plate sized flowers beginning as early as late June and then periodically for the rest of the summer.

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