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With October finally, here your summer flowers are probably finished, and it’s about time to get fresh color in your garden for winter. Pansies and Violas are the best for cooler weather and are pretty much the same plant.

The popular pansy is the biggest of the two, and some have solid-colored flowers, while others have blotched centers or a face of a bloom. Violas have smaller flowers, which can be solid or with faces. Even though these blooms are small, the plant has many more flowers than the pansy. Pansies and Violas love the cold weather and prefer full to part sun and soil that isn’t soggy. However, in the mild temperatures of fall and early spring, you may want to add a little bit of fertilizer.

You won’t have to worry about insects with Pansies or Violas, but you will need to watch for rabbits and deer and may need to use an animal repellant around your plants. But if you plant these plants now, you’ll have almost eight months of color before you have to replace them with your summer plants.

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