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The Panicle Hydrangea is one of the latest to bloom in the heat of Summer. It is also known as Hydrangea Paniculata and has some characteristics that make it one of the simplest varieties to grow.

Not many Hydrangeas like the sun, but Panicle Hydrangea can take the sun and the heat. In our area, Summer isn’t a problem, nor is winter, as this Hydrangea is hearty in Canada. These Hydrangeas start blooming in mid-summer on new growth, meaning you can prune as much as you want anytime between winter and mid-spring.

Hydrangea Paniculata may sound like the perfect plant, but there are a couple of conditions to avoid. First, they hate wet feet, a little clay soil is no problem, but soggy is not. Secondly, they occasionally may have a beetle that feeds on the leaf, making holes, but it’s not that big of a deal. Other than these few things, these full sun, heat, and cold, tolerant flowering beauties are great to maintain!

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