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When designing or adding to your landscape, there are different kinds of shrubs and perennials to chose from, but one often overlooked is ornamental grass.

Ornamental grass comes in a variety of different styles. Adagio Miscanthus, for one, has thin blades with a tiny white stripe down the middle and grows to about four feet tall with tassel flowers. Another type of ornament grass is Switchgrass, commonly known as Northwind, and Shenandoah, which are more upright than wide. They have loose seed clusters in the summer and have good color in the fall.

However, not all grasses are tall. For example, Blue Fescue, Mondo, and Acorus can be found in small areas or even pots. You will often see these grasses used in mass plantings in commercial landscapes, as they are low maintenance and make bold statements. Although, that’s no reason why you can’t have one, two, or a few in your residential garden.

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