Now is the time to prune your hydrangea paniculata

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The hydrangeas you planted last year are about ready for pruning so that they will be covered in flowers this summer.  Here's a tip on how to prune a hydrangea paniculata.

Hydrangea paniculata blooms on new growth only, so pruning now, before the spring growth begins, can increase your blooms this summer.  To prune your hydrangea paniculata, clip right above a leaf node.  It's okay to prune these near to the ground - they will still bloom this spring and provide beautiful flower coverage this summer.

Remember, this tip is specifically for hydrangea paniculata.  Other hydrangea plants require different spring care, so make sure you check what type you have before pruning.  Not sure which kind of hydrangea you have?  Check out this Garden Tips post that explains the difference kinds of hydrangea paniculata, and see if yours matches.

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