Petunias have been around for decades, but Petunia breeders lately have been working on fantastic varieties. These new varieties make them hard to resist. Supertunia, for example, comes in several colors, are usually mounding and spreading, and grow like petunias on steroids.

Supertunias do not need to be deadheaded, as they shed their old flowers to be fuller plants. Due to their size, you won’t need to plant as many because some varieties can grow up to two or three feet across. Many varieties are not the branded Supertunia; however, they are just as unique as black petunias, ones with the light green flowers, or Petunias with striped blooms.

Petunias appreciate full sun, and they must have well-drained soil. In other words, no red clay, and as they grow, they get pretty hungry and need fertilizing.

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