New varieties of Geraniums introduce more colors

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Geraniums are the most popular plant to grow in pots in the world. Prior to now, there were only a few colors to choose from. But there have been some exciting changes in the world of Geraniums, and a whole new array of colors are now available.

One new variety is called Lavender Blue. It's a stocky, strong plant with light pink blooms. Another is called Lavender Rose, which has rich, dark pink flowers. A new unique looking variety is called Salmon Night. This Geranium has salmon colored flowers and foliage that is so dark it's nearly black. The leaves have a thin, lime green line around the edge, outlining the dark center. There are also new varieties in the ivy Geraniums, those are the type that grow to trail out of the pots and hanging baskets.

When you grow Geraniums you need to keep in mind the main three things they need: sunshine, occasional water, and hot weather.

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