Make the most of your Mums this fall season

Garden Tips
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In September and October, you can find fall mums just about anywhere. You can find them at the hardware store, the grocery store, roadside markets, and of course, a local garden center. Mums are the most iconic fall flower of the season, and they can be very easy to care for, but here are some tips to make the most of your mums.

In order to get these plants ready for fall, all of the hard work has already been done for you during the summer. These plants have been watered, fertilized, pinched, and sprayed. When you buy a mum, watering is all you need to do, but you may need to do it once a day or more.

If you don’t want to water that much, consider planting them in a slightly larger container or, better yet, in the ground. Mums are tender perennials, so if you want them to come back next year, the sooner you plant them in the ground, the better. In fact, winter cold may not kill the plant, but over-water in the winter will, so make sure the soil drains well.

There is no need to fertilize your mums. Once they are budded, they are on cruise control. As the flower finishes blooming, you can pinch off the dead flowers, but they will not have time to bloom again this fall.

September is the early part of the season. When buying mums, you can get early bloomers, mid-season bloomers, and even late season bloomers, so you can have color late into the fall. A light frost won’t hurt these flowers, but a hard freeze will stop them for the season.

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