Looking for a new shrub to add to your landscape? Take a look at Abelia

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There are countless shrub options available for you to add to your landscape, so choosing which one to plant may be an overwhelming task.  When you’re looking at your options, be sure to consider the easy-to-grow Abelia Shrub.

Abelia can grow in part shade or full sun, and produces small, soft leaves and clusters of white or pink flowers that are great for attracting pollinators like butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees.  There are several varieties of Abelia to choose from, depending on what color and style you like.

Radiance Abelia has a white and green variegated leaf with white flower clusters, and only grows two to three feet tall.

For solid green leaves, look for Rose Creek Abelia.  It will grow easily to three or four feet tall, and has large clusters of white flowers held up by pink sepals.

If you need a shorter shrub, Kaleidoscope Abelia may be the answer.  It grows to be at least two feet tall and three feet wide, and has leaf colors ranging from yellow to light green.

As good as Abelia are, they don’t keep all of their leaves in the winter time, depending on how cold it gets.  But next spring, the leaves will emerge again and your Abelia will bloom beautifully.


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