Look at these new and exciting petunia varieties

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For several years now, plant breeders have been working to create the newest and most exciting varieties of flowers, especially petunias.  These sweet flowers have been cross-bred to bring new colors and structures.  Here's a list of a number of interesting petunias:

Bordeaux: these have beautiful, dark purple veins in the center of the flower.

Black Cherry: these are nearly black, but with a deep maroon color.

Amore: these bloom with a sweet heart-shaped pattern across the petals.

Pretty Much Picasso: these look like they're painted green on the outside of the petals with a vibrant pink center.

Daybreak Charm: these have a smaller flower, but the bicolor petals still stand out.

Petunias are one of the rare flowers that can even come in black, and when paired with a more vibrant variety, like the Honey variety, they contrast beautifully.

Regardless of what color you like, these new varieties of petunia love sunshine, good drainage, and plenty of fertilizer.  If they get a little larger than you want, just trim them a bit and they'll respond with beautiful blooms.