Long-lasting Epimedium is a great perennial ground cover

Garden Tips

We’re well into March, which means our perennials are blooming like clockwork. Among those may be a ground cover that you’ve seen, but may not be familiar with: Epimedium.

Epimedium, also called Barronwart or Bishop’s Hat, is a shade-loving perennial. It slowly spreads with underground rhizomes, and overtime will make a great ground cover.

The leaves are heart-shaped and will emerge in the spring, along with small flowers that can be yellow, pink, white, or orange.

Epimedium prefers rich, organic soil, but has proven to last even in less-than-ideal situations, including drought.

These plants will typically turn bronze in the fall and retain some of its foliage in the winter, but keep an eye out in the spring to see Epimedium’s little flowers and fresh foliage emerging again.

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