Kiwi vine can provide the shade you need this summer

Garden Tips
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The long days and high temperatures of summer will have you looking for shade to get a break from the heat.  If you have a pergola over your patio, consider planting a kiwi vine to provide that shade.

Kiwi vines are fast growing with woody stems.  They show rapid growth in the summer, but lose their leaves during the winter, which means they’ll start back where they left off the following year.

These vines grow well in full sun, but shading their roots from the midday sun can help keep the plant happy.  Once it’s established, Kiwi vine can grow 10  to 12 feet per year, So make sure your structure is stout and large enough to accommodate such a large vine.

Not only is Kiwi a great shade maker, but it can produce fruit too, just like the kind you find in the grocery store.  If you want to grow fruit on your vine, be sure that you have a male plant and a female plant for good pollination and fruit set.

So whether you need some shade in your yard, or want to grow sweet fruit, Kiwi vine might be the perfect choice.


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