June brings a variety of hydrangea blooms to North Alabama

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Depending on the varieties you choose, you can have hydrangea flowers starting as early as April and continuing until the end of the summer. Let’s take a look at the three varieties that are blooming now.

One of the more colorful varieties of hydrangea is the Hydrangea macrophylla, also known as big leaf hydrangea, which blooms with either mop-head or dainty lace cap flowers. Most big leaf hydrangeas will bloom in shades of blue or pink, depending on the aluminum in the soil. More aluminum results in a blue flower, while less aluminum is pink.

Annabel hydrangea is a variety of smooth hydrangea and is native to North Alabama. Annabel hydrangea has medium to large rounded flowers, and starts green, matures to white, then turns green again before drying to brown.

Oak leaf hydrangea is the Alabama state wildflower, and all of its varieties have a large, leathery leaf. Each flower is a creamy white flower, and some varieties bloom to pink or even maroon before eventually drying to brown.

Hydrangea paniculata can take full sunshine and start white before fading to green, pink, or maroon before turning brown.

There are many varieties of hydrangea out there, so no matter what type you choose, there’s sure to be room for one in your landscape.

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