Japanese Maples are the perfect touch for any landscaping

Garden Tips

Japanese Maples can be the perfect addition to your landscaping. They come in over a thousand varieties that are grown worldwide. Japanese Maples can be categorized in a couple of different ways. Some have lacy and dissected leaves, while others have broader or larger leaves. The leaves also range in color, from red or green during the summer months.

Many of the laceleaf Japanese Maples will grow less than 10 feet tall and tend to weep in their habitat, while Broadleaf Japanese Maples grow up to 10 feet tall or more.

Japanese Maples can grow in part shade or full sun providing they receive the right amount of water. They need to be planted in loose organic soil that can be drained, as they cannot tolerate long periods of standing water. If you have Alabama red clay in your garden, you will want to amend the soil with coarse compost or expanded shale. Japanese Maples can also be grown in pots if planting in the ground isn’t an option.

However, regardless of the leaf color in the summer, it will put on a great show in the fall, ranging in great colors from bright yellow, burnt orange, to a deep maroon.

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