Japanese Cleyera is an easy-to-grow plant to use for privacy or a screen in your yard

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Finding a plant to use for privacy or a screen that can grow in sun or shade, that grows quickly but not too quickly, and that gets large but not too large may sound like an impossible request.  But Japanese Cleyera may be just what you’re looking for.

Cleyera has shiny and smooth leaves that will stay through the winter.  New growth typically begins with a burnt orange color which will change to a dark green in the summer.

The plant is fairly fast growing, and can reach at least six feet tall up to 10-12 feet.  If you need to prune, whether it’s a light sheering or heavy pruning, Cleyera can handle both well.

You’ll see small fragrant flowers that bloom late May through June, followed by berries in the fall.  With little effort, you can easily grow Cleyera in your yard and enjoy its effortless privacy throughout the year.


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