It’s time to swap out your summer flowers for fall and winter

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Autumn has fallen upon us, which means it's time to start planting your fall seasonal plants for the colder temperatures to come.  These could be violas, pansies, snapdragons, or a number of other fall-friendly flowers.  Around this time, some of your summer flowers may still look good, but they'll need to be sacrificed in order to get the new flowers started and settled for the season.


When planting pansies, make sure your soil is loose with organic matter; they do not do well in hard, heavy clay.  Sometimes it's easier just to simply add a good potting soil right on top of the bed.  Remember, young plants have tender stems, so be gentle handling them, and make sure not to plant them any deeper than they are growing in the tray.  These plants appreciate fertilizer, so add some while you're planting to give them all the nutrients they need to thrive.

If you want a nice, full look in your garden, try spacing them no farther than six inches a part.  A thin layer of mulch is okay to add on top, and don't forget to water them.  Follow these steps, and in just an afternoon's time you can have your summer plants out and your fall plants in, ready to keep your garden beautiful for many more months.


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