Insect repellant plants can keep bothersome bugs at bay

Garden Tips
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Spending some quality time with your flowers in the late spring and summer can be a joy, but if you’re bothered by mosquitoes or other insects in your garden, you may not want to spend as much time outside.  Sprays can help keep these bugs away, but there are several plants that can work as natural insect repellants.  There are many to choose from – here are a few:

There are many herbs that can help repel bugs, but some of the best are Basil, Catnip, and Lavender.  Rosemary and Mint also work well and are not just for mosquitoes.  They can repel ants, white flies, and aphids too.

Marigolds not only bring some beautiful, vibrant color to your garden, but they can also help ward off mosquitoes and aphids.

And Lemon Grass grows quickly and produces a citronella scent which works as an insect deterring machine.

If the bugs are biting and keeping you from enjoying your garden, try adding some of mother nature’s insect repellant around your patio, and enjoy the outdoors again.


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