Ice Plant may be the perfect succulent for your outdoor landscape

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Succulent plants are becoming quite popular for indoor and outdoor gardens.  If you’re looking to add one to your outdoor landscape, Delosperma, also known as Ice Plant, may be worth a try.

Ice plant is a low-growing, creeping succulent.  The name does not come from its love of cold, but instead from its blooms and foliage that resemble ice crystals or frost.

As most succulents, Ice Plant is a low maintenance addition to your garden.  Plant it somewhere that receives full or part sun, and use rocky or sandy soil.  It rarely needs fertilizer and does not demand too much water.

You can expect Ice Plant to bloom from early summer to fall with small daisy-like flowers.  The most common color is a pinkish purple bloom, but you can also find red, pink, yellow, orange, and white varieties.

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