It is summer, and with no rain in sight, how can you help your plants in the garden? There are efficient ways to water your plants through this time of year.

First, you will want to understand how plants fuse water. Typically roots draw water from the ground, up the stem, then out to the leaves, where the water vapor transpires into the air. The warmer it is, the faster the water is released. However, more sun, wind, and air movement also increase the rate at which the water transpires. Watering your plants just a little each day is not the best way to help. Most plants prefer occasional deep water instead. For instance, if you are watering a tree, let the hose trickle for a while. For shrubs, a soaker hose or drip system will be efficient without wasting water.

The root area is the most important, and you will want to avoid overhead watering, where the foliage is the only thing getting watered. Something you will want to avoid is keeping your plants waterlogged. Soggy roots will rot, and the plant will drown in water. Now, if you have an automatic irrigation system, that could help, but there are limitations. Be mindful that your sprinkler system doesn’t have a brain and follows a schedule. It comes on and off but won’t know if it watered too much or too little or if it covered all the plants.

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