Hibiscus doesn’t only have to be for islands

Garden Tips
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Hibiscus is often associated with island breezes, sandy beaches, and fruity drinks, but these tropical hibiscus flowers can’t last through our winters.  Luckily there’s a variety of hibiscus that is well-suited for our area.

Hibiscus Syriacus, also known as Althea or Rose of Sharon, is a summer blooming shrub.  It can easily grow from eight to fifteen feet tall.  Its blooms can be single or double, with colors ranging from white, to pink, to lavender, or red.  During the winter, the Althea does lose its foliage, but will bounce back in spring like most shrubs.

So, if you love tropical hibiscus and want something similar as part of your permanent landscape, try Rose of Sharon, Althea, or the Rose Mallow Hearty Hibiscus, and enjoy their big, beautiful blooms.


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