Hardy Orange can make your garden really stand out

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If you're looking for an interesting shrub for a focal point, one that really stands out, there may be something for you.

Trifoliate Orange, sometimes called Bitter Orange or Hardy Orange, could be just the thing to add flavor to your garden. Not only is it unique – but it’s extremely hardy for our area.

Hardy Orange has small dark green leaves in the summer with pale yellow foliage in the fall, slightly fragrant white flowers in spring followed by a small fruit that starts green in the summer and matures to a golden color in the fall. This fruit is filled with seeds but taste a bit like a sour grapefruit crossed with a lemon. The rind can be candied, and the pulp used for marmalade.

Hardy Orange’s tough shrub bears wicked sharp thorns which can be a benefit for creating an impenetrable hedge. Certain varieties, like Flying Dragon, have sharp thorns that are hooked over like a dragon's claw.

If you're looking for a unique shrub that says wow, or in this case ow, maybe Trifoliate Orange is right for you.

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