Hardy Annabelle Hydrangea is great for most landscapes

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When it comes to blooming shrubs, you can’t ignore the many varieties of Hydrangea available for your landscape. By using different varieties, you can have Hydrangea blooms that start in mid April and continue into the fall. One hardy, native variety that works well in most landscapes is Annabelle Hydrangea.

Arborescens is commonly called Smooth Hydrangea, and Annabelle is the best known variety. It’s happiest in a part sun-part shade location, but can tolerate full sun if ample moisture is available.

This Hydrangea produces large, rounded white blooms, which are attractive to pollinators, in mid to late May. Each bloom is formed by a new growth, so Annabelle can be trimmed heavily before growth begins in the spring.

If Annabelle’s 8- to 10-inch flower isn’t large enough, there is a variety called Incrediball which boasts an even bigger flower and thicker bloom stems.

Either way, whichever variety you choose, after the flowers fade you’ll want to prune off the old flowers to make room for the new blooms later this summer.

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