Geranium varieties give you choices for your garden

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Zonal Geraniums are probably the most popular outdoor potted plant in the world, but Geraniums come in a number of varieties, providing plenty of options for your garden. Here are two varieties you may want to try.

Ivy Geranium, also called Trailing Geranium, has a thick, dark green, ivy-shaped leaf. They go well in window boxes, baskets, or pots. Their large flowers come in a range of colors, including pink, red, white, and lavender. When the blooms finish, dead head, or pinch off, the old flower to keep the plant clean. Trailing Geraniums will perform best in sun or light shade.

Scented Geranium are grown for their fragrance which comes from their foliage when crushed or disturbed. Different varieties can emit different scents, like rose, lemon, coconut, orange, and chocolate mint. One of the more popular varieties is the citronella scent, which despite its smell does not repel mosquitos. Scented Geraniums are grown for their scent, but they also produce small, delicate flowers.

These are just a couple varieties of Geraniums you can plant, sure to bring a unique flower or scent to your garden.

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