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Why are Geraniums the most popular potted plants in the world? Maybe because they’ve been loved for many decades among different generations.

Zonal Geraniums have bold clean foliage with large colorful flowers on top. When planted in mostly sun, you can expect flowers throughout the Spring and Summer, and even into the Fall, providing a hard freeze is avoided. Geraniums are durable but do require a little maintenance. Any old yellowing leaves need to be removed, and when the large flowers begin to fade, they also need to be pruned for fresh blends. If our Summer is hot, they may take a short break from heavy blooming and resume as the temperatures cool.

The most popular color is dark red, but you can find pink, salmon, lavender, white, and even bi-colored varieties. If you don’t like green leaves, there are unique varieties such as variegated leaves of white and green, yellow and green, or black and green. Some gardeners will pull their Geraniums in for the Winter and have them as a houseplant to further plant them next Spring to start with a larger plant. However, keep in mind that some nurseries grow new ones to sell for the next season.

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