Flip your flower bed for fall/winter annuals

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Throughout spring and summer there are countless varieties of plants to brighten your summer landscape. But when frost comes in the fall, these flowers will be finished. Fortunately, there are other options that can tolerate the cold of winter, and now is the time to plant them.

Some of the best annuals for winter color are Pansies and Violas, but you can also add some others, like Snapdragon, Dusty Miller, or ornamental kale.

To plant your fall flowers, first clean your flower bed of all the summer annuals and any weeds. Once the bed is cleaned, work in some fresh soil amendment with the existing soil, or add some planting soil to raise the bed a bit. Also consider applying a slow release fertilizer before you plant, so the fertilizer can be incorporated into the soil.

If you’re planting pansies, make sure they’re not planted too deep, and that the crown of the plant isn’t buried in the dirt. It’s also best to have loose, well-drained soil so that the plants don’t stay overly wet during the winter months.

After properly spacing and planting your fall flowers, apply a thin layer of mulch, and go ahead and water it; don’t wait for the rain.

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