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Having edible plants in your landscape is a growing trend right now. If you plan to plant fruits and berries in your yard, Fall is the best time of year, although you can year-round.
One thing you must know before planting fruit is to consider the space you have to grow. Fruit trees will need more room than bushes or climbing vines. So it is imperative to have enough room for the plant to grow and for you to move around to tend it.

Secondly, most fruits need a sunny spot. Having full sun will allow the plant to have more blooms, yielding more fruit; however, having partial sun is fine. Next, you will want to consider the pollination requirements. There may be flowers, but without pollination, no fruit will form. Many varieties might need more than one plant for pollination, and some can be self-fruitful, therefore only needing one plant.

So why is Fall the best time to plant? Trees and plants will go dormant and lose their leaves, but the roots will continue growing. So planting in the Fall will allow for less work for you and less stress on the plant to be ready for Spring.

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