Ensure your plants are getting the water they need

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In simple terms, all plants need light, air, water, and nutrients in order to thrive. Of these, the difference in whether a plant lives or dies will often come down to water.

Plants needs loose, well-drained soil, which provides the right environment for roots to get enough water, but also for them to dry out partially before getting more water. If your plant is wilting or the leaves turn brown, especially around the edges, those leaves aren’t getting enough water. There are three scenarios that lead to your plants not getting enough water.

  1. Not enough water. If your plant needed five gallons of water and you only gave it two, then it didn’t get enough water.
  2. Too much water. If the roots are suffocating in heavy, wet soil, they’ll stop doing their job. If they stop doing their job, then the top of the plant can’t thrive.
  3. The bridge is out. If your moisture level is perfect and the roots are healthy, but your leaves still aren’t getting enough water, there may be a blockage in the trunk or middle of the plant. This can be from planting too deep, physical damage from weed eaters, or possibly a result of disease or insects.

All of these water problems need to be addressed when your plant is looking dry. Find the right amount of water and make sure you have good drainage so the roots can dry in between watering, and to keep the stem or trunk from getting damaged, avoid trimming too close to the plant and always plant at the proper depth.

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