Early blooming Lenten Rose is already flowering this season

Garden Tips

As winter comes to an end, many of us are anticipating the arrival of spring flowers. While some of them still have some time before they’ll bloom, Lenten Rose have already been showing their true colors for a few weeks.

Lenten Rose, or Helleborus, is not a rose, but an evergreen perennial. It prefers more shade than sun, and grows best with plenty of loose, organic soil for its roots. Once established in your garden, Lenten Rose is quite drought tolerant.

If you live in an area where deer like to frequent your garden, you don’t have to worry; deer don’t eat Lenten Rose.

Helleborus comes in a variety of different colors, blooming white, pink, yellow, or even dark maroon.

Patience is key for this perennial. Each Lenten Rose flower will drop seeds all around the plant, and seedlings will pop up, making this a great ground cover for your shade garden.

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