Dragon Wing Begonia can make a big statement in your garden

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The common Wax Leaf Begonia are some of the most versatile annuals for your summer garden, but consider one that’s a bit different; the Dragon Wing Begonia can make a big statement in your garden.

Dragon Wing is a hybrid Begonia that grows quite a bit larger than Wax Leaf Begonia. It can grow two feet tall or more.

It’s available in a pink colored flower, but the most popular color is a scarlet red that stands out above the shiny, green, wing-shaped foliage.

This Begonia hybrid is sterile, so the flowers continuously bloom from spring until frost.

Dragon Wing can work either planted in the ground or in pots, providing the soil is loose and organic, but not too dry. It can grow in the sun or shade; when grown in the shade, the leaves will be dark green and larger, but when grown in the sun, the edges of the leaf will turn a burnt orange color and will be smaller in size.

However you choose to plant your Dragon Wing Begonia, you’ll enjoy the statement they’ll make in your garden this summer.

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