Dogwoods thrive in semi-shade and well-drained soil

Garden Tips

Cornus Florida, also known as the Dogwood, has been a popular tree for landscaping for over a hundred years. This native tree has beautiful flowers in the Spring, red berries by late Summer, and dark red leaves in the Fall. Dogwoods can be finicky, and not everyone has the best of luck growing one. However, it is imperative to know where it is best to plant Dogwood.

Dogwoods can be found as an understory tree growing in semi-shade with well-drained soil, often resulting from years of composted leaves and forest matter. They do not like heavy clay soils with poor drainage and prefer growing in some shade but will grow in the sun. Life or death on Dogwood revolves around the water that the tree will get or not get and amending your soil with organic compost to allow the roots to grow freely. Additional watering in the summer will be needed, but only as needed because every day would be too much.

Dogwoods can occasionally be affected by fungal diseases such as powdery mildew or leaf spot, but these diseases don’t usually kill the tree. Dogwoods can come in three colors, white, pink, or red, and also come in different varieties such as Chinese Dogwood or hybrids between the Chinese and Native American Dogwoods, which can have different flowers and berries.

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